Saturday, April 1, 2017


Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone.

Today in my college a.k.a negeri sembilan matriculation college had such a memorable event today. HARUM What is mean by harum? lol. It's look like something smells really nice but hey harum is more like hari keusahawanan ( I don't know how to write it in english)

I have a good day with my friends. lol.At first I thought that I will going through this day with a loneliness as both of my roomate aremajor in account so they are officialy involve with this event and most of my floormate also major in account and the left sciene stream need to take care of a booth for greeting the visitor and I was alone at my floor.

But then praise to the lord that for send me a such nice ever friends, Izzati and diba my beloved classmate. I LOVE BOTH OF YOU//// Then we went to all food stall and filled up our stomach with the delicious food like roti telur keju (RTK), Donut (zati) , Nasi Arab ( fatin) , Ais krim goyang (arisha), Nachos ( waisu) but I don't meet siti's stall . Ahhhhhh, support member lololol.

I went to the Jabatan Kimia's booth at chemist lab 1,2 and 3. recently at matriculation I'm getting interest  on chemistry, wuhuuuuuuuuuu but heyyy in my upu list chemist at the  second last choice. hahaha. I had a bad memory about chemistry in matriculation difficulty in sem 1 and even sem 2 but I will put all of my energy to endure  this situation untill my last breath gitu. In my upu list I put sains forensik (degree in usm) but when I talk to the jabatan kimia's people the forensic scope is not wide  at all but for me nowadays there are a lot of crime that out of our mind and I really want to investigate it.

let talk about my upu. I think that I do not competent or qualify to apply the course but  I trust in Allah that "rezeki di mana-mana sahaja" and if we did not try how we can know the result. so I apply course in....... *Drum rolls please* jeng jeng. SECRET. If you are the true or devoted readers of  this blog you will know what I will apply. kekeke. I also put my parent's course choice and the third choice. I don't know which I like right know I like both chemist and biology but in biology  I HATE PLANT AND ENVIROMENTTTTT!!!!

Did you guys hear a song by rapmonster and wale , change. It's a nice song but it remind me on venny because she keep posting like that she and rapmon in a relationship and she make tatto rapmon on her hand. I don't mind if they in relationship at all but can you keep it secret because BTS at the top and we don't what that  ruin their career.If I'm here I will keep it private because you know I don't want other army get hurt as we know most of army are unmature teenager range about 12-17 at all I afraid that suicide case will happen because the fan so heartbroken, overthinking right? BUT i really thanks to venny because make the collaboration become true thankkkkks yaaaa :))))

So I will end up my post untill here, muah ciked\\\


Sunday, February 26, 2017

You Never Walk Alone

bts, v, and spring day image
wah demam bts. I stan BTS since 2013 and I happy seeing them because succes , how they give their effort to achieve goals, How my husband write the song hem. ( abe namjoon) Sometime I get jealous when BTS start to have many fans after most of exotics turn to become army, I feel jealous when seeing other girl like namjoon then I realise that  I'm here not for a wife auditionbut for entertainment. HAHAHAHA. I think this happen because I don't have any boyfriend or crush so I totally falling in love on someone that does not realise my existence.
jimin, bts, and gay image
Nevermind, hahaha. However it quite hard when most of your friends  have boyfriend or crush and I still alone while sitting at the room corner. My mom also  force me to find a boyfriend , she said that I'm 19 so I should have a boyfriend. Ummi, I'm big fat and ugly nobody want me.

Finally I decide that I will wait for namjoon or Aiman hakim ridza??? Hahahahaha.

Hey let's enjoy bts new song! Not todayyyyyy.

Namjoon so sexy and he can make other girl turn on with his new hairstyle and contact lens.

v, bts, and taehyung image
( guy beside taehyung he was in mask drama as an assistant for the hero) 

Hwarang already finished ,  I like the ending but there is no happy ending for me without taehyung ah. How selfish am I. kueueueueue
( Spring )

( Not today)
hahahahahaha  :) Bye hahhahahahahahahaha.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Resepi nasi goreng biasa


Assalamualaikum ,
Image result for aesthetic
semalam aimie masak nasi goreng hahaha jam 10 malam ( sungguh tak sihat )  , ingatkan nak tolong umi masak kari ikan jam 8 malam tu tapi umi macam tak sihat ayah pula penat baru balik main golf and depa macam tak mau makan sebab petang tu goreng fried potato. So disebabkan seharian tak makan nasi as tengahari tu aimie buat macaroni cheese but simple version. Perut Melayu memang kena ada nasi hahaha kalau tak mengeleding siang malam.

Goreng punya nasi goreng tupp tupp umi turun cewah, izzati adek I makan dua kali tambah then bila ayah turun dh habis hahaha. Aimie tak expect parents nak makan as dh kenyang takut membazir mcm dulu2 .

Jadi di sini aimie nak kongsikan resepi nasi goreng versi Aimie hahhahaha. Harap maaf gambar tiada hahahaha.

  1. Bawang merah 2x
  2. Bawang putih 3
  3. Ikan bilis dlm 10 ekor 
  4. Cili api 3x
  5. Kiub pati ikan bilis(separuh atau 1/3)
  6. Garam secukup rasa
  7. Telur 2X ( pukul dgn mayonis ye)
  8. Hotdog (cincang habis) atau ayam kisar ramleee
  9. Nasi sejuk ( 2 pot )
  1. Tumbuk Bahan A ( bawang merah , bawang putih, ikan bilis dan cili api ) sampai lumat .
  2. Panaskan api then tumiskan Bahan A dengan kiub pati ikan bilis sampai naik bau .
  3. Jangan lupa masukkan ayam cincang atau hotdog  ye, kacau jangan buat bahan A hangit
  4. Masukkan telur yang dipukul dengan mayonis dan tambah lah garam secukup rasa
  5. Masukkan nasi sejuk
  6. Goreng dalam 6 atau 8 minit
  7. Siap

Simple an... Maklumlah umur 19 bukan mak orang kay, ahahahaha, byeeeeee Lusa dah habis cuti midsem. Welcome to the hell semester ever before final. Wish me luck. Doakan aimie dapat pilihan pertama dalam upu aminnn <3